Center For Housing Alternatives

Life is a gift full of opportunities, choices, hopes, and dreams.

Grant Programs

We believe that every individual should have a choice about where they live and their opportunity to thrive in a community setting.


Our Successes

Through the services of The Center for Housing Alternatives, $18,000,000 in housing development grants have been secured for our non-profit agency partners.


Our Team

We invest in compassionate leadership. It’s our philosophy. We hire experts in care.


Life is a gift full of opportunities, choices, hopes, and dreams. We are a society unlike any other in the world for our history of giving and support of those who may have challenges we individually or collectively may not face. We are committed to the quality of life for all residents, regardless of ability or disability. We are a people of care and commitment. Our organization is founded on these same principles. We are committed to helping non-profit agencies fulfill the hopes and dreams of those they serve through the acquisition of grant funding for safe, quality, affordable housing for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Every person needs a sense of safety and security in order to thrive. We all need a place we choose and call home. For the elderly and persons with disabilities, the options are often very limited. We believe in alternatives.

  • The Center for Housing Alternatives helps non-profit agencies access government grant opportunities, facilitating the development of housing that acts as alternatives to traditional institutions and inappropriate placements for the elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • These alternatives should be safe and affordable.
  • The Center for Housing Alternatives is interested in working with non-profits that wish to create community environments, putting an end to isolation and opening avenues to education, healthcare, employment, recreation, and social support structures for its residents.
  • Housing should focus solely on the needs and wants of its residents.

These are the things that hopes and dreams are made of. These are the things we help non-profit agencies accomplish every day. Hope should always be affordable and sustainable. Dreams should be realities. Our hopes and dreams are not luxury items. They are sources of personal empowerment.

We are technical grant funding consultants specializing in assisting non-profit agencies with successfully securing affordable housing grants for special needs populations.

Since 1983, our years of technical consulting experience have helped our non-profit agency sponsors qualify for over $18,700,000 in development grants and project rental assistance subsidies. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you and your community developments.